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Coin Cloud CEO Chris McAlary was featured on Episode 193 of the Around the Coin podcast.

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Co-hosted by Mike Townsend and Faisal Khan.

Episode 193: Interview with Chris McAlary

Around the Coin Fintech Podcast Episode 193 Interview with Chris McAlary

JUNE 30, 2020

Chris McAlary


In this show, Mike Townsend interviews Chris McAlary, the CEO of Coin Cloud, the world’s largest network of two-way digital currency kiosks. From his early days as a Bitcoin miner to now, he is a pioneer in the cryptocurrency industry. When Robocoin installed the world’s first Bitcoin ATM in Vancouver, BC, in 2013, McAlary wondered why not the US. After much research and collaboration, he installed the first Coin Cloud BTM on the Las Vegas Strip in 2014 – built by Robocoin, branded by Coin Cloud, and serviced by McAlary himself.

Today, Coin Cloud is the largest Bitcoin ATM company in the nation, with over 800 machines (and growing constantly), all of which allow two-way transactions of Bitcoin and 29 altcoins. Coin Cloud’s first international expansion is Brazil, offering that country the first opportunity ever to purchase digital currency with cash.