Around the Coin

Around the Coin Podcast

Around the Coin is an award-winning podcast for all things banking, payments & fintech. In this episode, Mike Townsend interviews Chris McAlary, the CEO of Coin Cloud, the world’s largest network of…

Why I Love Bitcoin (And Bitcoin ATMs)

Bitcoin is a borderless, global, decentralized digital currency. But so what, right? What exactly does that mean? Bitcoin is like a bridge to global economy. You can conduct micro-transactions,…

Human flourishing

Human Flourishing Through Free Trade

I think Huckleberry Finn is a cool all-American story. The character’s fantastic. His story of sort of being born on the wrong side of the train tracks and having a rough upbringing, being rough…

Bitcoin digital currency

The Need for Digital Currency

You’ve obviously heard of Bitcoin. But there are some other great digital currencies, including (but not limited to) cryptocurrencies, all of which have valid purposes and fill great needs.

Do not quit

Patience, Persistance and Perseverance

People ask me about the journey to becoming CEO of the world’s largest Bitcoin ATM company. And I say that there are few traits I have that allowed me to continue when some would have given up.