People ask me about the journey to becoming CEO of the world’s largest Bitcoin ATM company. And I say that there are few traits I have that allowed me to continue when some would have given up.

I’m curious, but that just started the journey. It had me looking into what Bitcoin was and how it can be used. It had me building a mining rig. It had me researching laws and processes that would allow me to place a BTM in the USA. It had me wondering whether I could put a machine right smack dab in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip (well, not the middle of the street, but the heart of the action).

I’m competitive. So, yeah. That helped.

But it’s the Ps that have most allowed me to drive through any roadblocks, against all odds:

Patience, persistence and perseverance.

These are what have always made me willing to fight through a problem. And when things get tough, to continue focusing on solving the problem.

Launching a Bitcoin ATM network was tough. It took us two years to get to 15 machines, a number that we now knock out in a few days.

It was a lot of trial and error and pain and suffering, especially in the early days. Our first prototype was a total piece of junk. The parts would break, so I’d have to go down to the Strip and hand pay people. The software would break. Eventually the hardware manufacturer ended up folding up and not supporting their product anymore, and we were left with the machine that we had to install a new operating system on.

We also had to deal with each state regulator across 50 states, and then the federal regulator. We were coming to them with something they’d never seen before, and didn’t know how to regulate, and we had to build those relationships from scratch.

Banks were scared to deal with us, because Bitcoin has been associated with illicit activity and money laundering in its past, and even though that’s mostly untrue, it meant banks didn’t want to get involved. We probably had 100 bank accounts shut down over the last six years, and have essentially found the two or three banks in the entire country, and possibly in the entire world, that really want to do business with a cash-to-digital-currency company. We had to kiss 100 frogs before we found our prince.

And it’s like that basically in every facet of the business, where we just kind of failed and failed and failed and failed and failed and eventually ended up solving a problem. And once we solve the problem, we made sure to build a platform that scaled. And so, we’ve seen some really explosive growth in the last two years, all because of the work that was put in the first four years, banging our heads against the wall and really building a platform that scales.

And I have to credit all that to being patient, and most of all persistent. When I see a problem that needs to be solved, I’ll stick around as long as I need to in order to solve it.

And hey, because that first BTM was such a piece of junk, it gave me the opportunity to get to know our customers firsthand. From that first machine in 2014, we’re about to install our 1,000th CoinCloud.

We have goals laid out for the end of the year, and the end of 2021.

We’re going to have growth pains. Growing fast is hard. But when we look back over the next few years, with a network of 50,000 machines, it will be so clear that the perseverance paid off. That’s what you need to scale, to build something worthwhile, when you’re trying to make a difference in the world.