Bitcoin is a borderless, global, decentralized digital currency. But so what, right? What exactly does that mean?

Bitcoin is like a bridge to global economy. You can conduct micro-transactions, buying small items from people around the world who don’t have banks or payment processors. One of the first things I bought with bitcoin was a pair of alpaca socks. I just sent the payment directly to the farmer’s digital wallet, in a small mountaintop village in Peru.

And obviously there are a few ways to do that. But I believe in the Bitcoin ATM for certain use cases, because they fill a need in the population and the economy. That’s why I founded Coin Cloud, the world’s largest network of two-way digital currency machines.

Bitcoin ATMs, like CoinClouds, are great for a few different things:

  1. Sending money internationally, or purchasing things online internationally and doing international business. Digital currencies are easy to send back and forth over the Internet globally, and without exchange rates between countries.
  2. Ease of use, including convenience, speed, and an intuitive process. What quicker way can you turn cash into bitcoin? And what easier way could my grandmother buy bitcoin? In both cases, the answer is none.

You could make a case for an online exchange instead of a BTM for the first point. But online exchanges take time – like days, sometimes – and have to be connected to a bank account or credit card. There goes your privacy!

Setting up an online digital currency brokerage account is complicated, too. So, it’s slower and harder. Not great selling features!

For the second point? Honestly, there’s nothing better than a Bitcoin ATM. And only CoinClouds offer coast-to-coast options for both buying and selling digital currency with cash. Not only is Coin Cloud the largest Bitcoin ATM provider overall, but 54% of all two-way machines are CoinClouds.

If you have any problems or questions, our live customer support team is there to walk you through any issue you might have.

The best thing about CoinClouds is that you can get started with as little as $1 USD. That’s why we say we’re bringing digital currency to all – we’re basically lowering the barrier to entry, and allowing anybody to easily buy and sell.

Bitcoin was undeniably a great invention. And I think Bitcoin ATMs were a great invention too, because of the options they give people.